Internet Services
Alriyada provides internet services, from Dialup to the High Speed dedicated SCPC systems vsat.

Dialup Services

Internet Via Satellite which divided into two systems One way satellite "Download" and two way satellite "Upload and Download"

One Way Service we are proud that we are the only provider in Libya which provide internet via Satellite with ratio 1:1 in low prices. Our service working on Eutelsat W6, Seasat, and NileSat. our one way service divided into packages as follow:

Shared 128Kb download speed this package is typical for small offices and cybercafee with Max number of PCs 8.

Shared 256Kb download speed this package is typical for small offices and cybercafee with Max number of PCs 15

CIR 256Kb download speed this package is typical for small offices and cybercafee with Max number of PCs to 20 .

Shared 512Kb download speed this package is typical for Medium companies and cybercafee with Max noumber of PCs to 25

CIR 512Kb download speed this package is typical for medium Companies and cybercafee with Max number of PCs 30 with better reability.

Two Way Services "VSAT" our two way satellite service devided into two diffrents system DVB-RCS which is for SOHO small offices and home use. and DVB-SCPC which is for Large Corporate and Internet Providers.

DVB-RCS "Shared Vsat" this packages is typical for small offices and home users who are looking for 24h internet connectivity with high speed for normal web browsing, email downloads and without local telephon lines problems. our DVB-RCS system divided into the following packages.

  • 128 Up / 512 Down for 1 User

  • 256 Up / 1024 Down   For 5 Users

  • 512 Up / 1024 Down   For 10 Users 

  • 1024 Up / 2048 Down for 15 Users

DVB-SCPC "Leased Line" we guarantee our SCPC service 100% to work with your networks perfectly in high speed without any line drops. you can specify your upload and download speed starting from 128Kb upload and download upto 4Mb upload and 45Mb Download. those packages can handle upto 500 connected PCs, and they work with internet providers.


Technical Services

Help Desk Outsourcing Support for Small Business IT Networks
For most small businesses, establishing and maintaining an in-house Help Desk Call Center is an expensive and risky undertaking. Even with large enterprises, internal Help Desks often evolve into problem tracking rather than problem solving organizations. These results in higher costs per reported problem, low user satisfaction with IT staff, and reduced customer productivity. Alriyada's Help Desk Outsourcing Support Services offer an affordable and effective Help Desk solution that can significantly improve IT service levels and enhance the value of your information network.
Alriyada's Help Desk Outsourcing Support Services are designed especially for small businesses who need immediate access to a Help Desk Call Center with expert phone support and full escalation capability. Key features include:

  • Call Center Phone Support for desktop help and network troubleshooting is provided by Alriyada's staff of Microsoft-Qualified experts. The experience of Alriyada's support specialists allows them to achieve a high rate of first-call problem resolution, which lowers cost per incident and increases customer productivity.
  • Optional Secure Remote Access allows Alriyada's support experts to see exactly what your customers see and makes it possible find quick solutions to problems that might otherwise require an expensive onsite visit.
  • Initial System Assessment gives Alriyada the opportunity to evaluate and record desktop configurations, network architecture and security, and critical applications. This optional service speeds up problem resolution by providing Alriyada's support experts with a comprehensive technical context from which to analyze Help Desk incidents.
  • Expert Prioritization and Escalation, based on Alriyada's extensive experience providing phone support, makes it possible to determine which problems require immediate remediation and which problems are appropriate for scheduled resolution. Because Alriyada has extensive networking and applications capabilities, Alriyada can respond quickly to escalation points with field-level experts qualified with Microsoft and Cisco. Alriyada offers onsite service anywhere in Libya.
  • Applications Expertise is available from Alriyada's Experts Team, a group of specialists with in-depth knowledge and long working experience in key technologies. Application support offered by the Experts Team includes:
  • Software Consulting, Programming
  • Microsoft Products Support and Training
  • Microsoft Excel Consulting and Training
  • Microsoft Word Consulting and Training
  • UNIX, Linux and Integration Help
  • Macintosh Help and Network Support

Alriyada's Enterprise Services
Local Support for Branch Offices:
Active Server, Exchange, SMS Expertise

For large businesses, Alriyada can supplement internal IT staffs by providing world-class experience in deploying key Microsoft technologies. Alriyada's experts offer Active Directory help, Exchange Server 2003 support, Systems Management Server expertise, and SQL Server consulting. For national or global enterprises with branch offices in Libya, Alriyada can act as a seamless local extension of corporate IT management.
Here are some of the most popular enterprise services Alriyada provides:
Enterprise Consulting Services
Alriyada’s consultants are seasoned, certified industry veterans with extensive experience working with enterprise IT systems. Alriyada's experts can interact efficiently with remote IT organizations and can act as a seamless extension of headquarters IT management.
Branch Office Support
Years of experience supporting Microsoft and Cisco technology has allowed Alriyada to develop a unique capability for supporting branch offices that require IT service with the responsiveness associated with small companies but which includes effective communications, thorough documentation and compliance with corporate IT standards.
Active Directory Help
Alriyada offers Qualified expertise in designing, deploying and troubleshooting complex Active Directory (AD) installations and can address common AD issues such as replication problems, multi-domain partition configurations, corrupted AD objects, clean-up of legacy beta software configuration objects in production AD environments, and repair of failed installations of AD and AD-integrated applications. Alriyada also offers expertise with “expert only” AD different tools.
Exchange Expertise
Alriyada’s experts have helped some of the Tripoli Area’s largest corporations with architecture, deployment, and troubleshooting Exchange environments. Alriyada regularly handles migrations of Exchange environments with thousands of users and dozens of servers.
UNIX (Linux) and Microsoft Coexistence
Alriyada's Linux consulting services offer enterprises and developers help with configuring and supporting UNIX, Linux systems that coexist with Microsoft-based technology. Alriyada offers your business access to Linux experts, support professionals Qualified with Red Hat, Microsoft , Cisco, and security specialists.
Project Methodology
For enterprise IT projects, Alriyada uses a phased approach based on defined milestones in order to meet budgetary, scheduling and engineering goals while minimizing business disruption. Alriyada's methodology includes requirements definition, design and architecture proposals, pilots, design tuning, and expert implementation. All phases are documented to provide a detailed description of technical services delivered and to assist in ongoing network system maintenance.

24x7 Network Support Services
Comprehensive Network Management

Even if your business has a small IT staff and technology budget, your information network can still have the same high availability and performance that once required large internal support organizations. Alriyada 24x7 Network Support Services combine the services of some of Area's most experienced Microsoft-Qualified support professionals, the latest network management software, and cost-effective service programs to keep your IT network up and running.
Alriyada 24x7 Network Management Services include:

  • Proactive, automated network monitoring

  • Timely, expert response to problems

  • Cost-effective support escalation when required

  • Remote network support to cut costs and resolve problems quickly

  • Help Desk Call Center for expert phone support